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Solutions to the Oil Industry's Complex Component Issues

An unforeseen scenario typically necessitates a distinctive answer in the Oil & Gas Industry. Anjana Engineering Industries has over ten years of CNC experience and is trusted by oil and gas firms around the country. We develop trustworthy components for the most difficult jobs. After just one service, most clients become lifetime partners. Our skilled workforce and precision fabrication capabilities will always exceed your expectations and improve your applications.

Our professional CNC machinists work directly with you to custom-engineer high-quality components. Anjana’s job is to create a component that fits perfectly into the overall project.

Customized Oil Fire Suppression Components

When we designed specialised oil fire suppression flappers and flapper valves, we understood we were protecting valuable plant equipment and saving lives. Precision was important. Anjana Engineering Industries protects your equipment and your staff. Organizations across the country rely on us for trustworthy machining services that fit their exact standards.

Anjana Industries is a well-known name in the CNC business when it comes to pumping and oilfield technologies. High precision custom solutions exist for many of your issues. Anjana Engineering creates unique ultra-precision components that other machine shops cannot match.

We offer 5 axis milling for intricate components, micromachining for small parts, deburring for a tight seal, and more. This means Anjana Engineering Industries can build a custom component for almost any application. We’ll work with you and your ideas to assess the problem and build the ideal component.