Highest level of mechanical perfection

Supply Chain Management

Enquiry :

After receiving the Enquiry from the customer we (Anjana engineering works) carries out feasibility, Customer requirements, new technology, any other special requirements and provide best quote with short delivery period and submit the Quote to the customer.

Purchase order Acknowledgement :

After receiving the PO from Customer Anjana Engineering works understands the PO Requirements and send the receipt of acknowledgement to the customer

BOM Preparation & Purchase :

After understanding the customer requirement we prepare BOM and purchase the necessary things (Tooling,Quality equipment and Raw material,,) Required inorder to complete the project.

CAD/CAM Operations

We will conduct CAD/CAM Operations as per customer drawings using CAD/CAM Softwares.

Receipt of raw material & Inspection ;

After receiving the raw material we perform RM Inspection (check Size , Specification as per drawing), Chemical and mechanical testing will be performed at NABL Certified labs and accept the Material.

Work Order & Route card Preparation :

Anjana Engineering works will have meeting with CFT check feasibility and discuss various points to complete the PO with effective process plan and short time delivery.

Machining operations :

As per our process plan we perform Sequence of machining operation (3-axis, 4-axis & 5-axis operations) and use appropriate jigs & fixtures inorder to complete the part. Process plan includes all the sequence of operations from Receipt of raw material to Packing & dispatch of Finished goods

Quality Inspection :

Here at Anjana Engineering we conduct First of Inspection for every part In each Batch and First part in every shift.

And here our operators are also aware of the entire process and they also perform inspection during the machining process And our quality team perfroms Inprocess inspection and inspection at Shop floor during the machining process

Packing & Dispatch :

Considering the product safety and to ensure no damage to parts during transportation we pack the components and arrange them in appropriate packing boxes and follow the Customer requirements if any.