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Precision Machining

In order to meet the needs of our customers, Anjana Engineering offers precision CNC machining. Technology and industry best practises are used to ensure that clients receive timely service and products of the highest quality.

Tools and equipment from Anjana Engineering ensure that the company’s machines can work at their maximum output and retain the highest level of quality.

Sr. No. Name of Machine Machine ID Make/Model SPECIFICATIONS REMARKS
1 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 13 HAAS 750 UMC 762mm*508mm*508mm*360°(110*35°) 5 Axis
2 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 10 HAAS VF-4-I 1270mm*508mm*635mm*Ø310(360°) 4th Axis (310°) 360°
3 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 03 HAAS VF-2-I 762mm*406mm*508mm
4 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 04 HAAS VF-2-I 762mm*406mm*508mm
5 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 05 HAAS VF-2-I 762mm*406mm*508mm 4th Axis (210°) 360°
6 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 06 HAAS VF-2-I 762mm*406mm*508mm 4th Axis (210°) 360°
7 CNC MILLING MACHINE No:01 LOKESH VML-800 810mm*510mm*500mm
8 CNC MILLING MACHINE No: 02 LOKESH VM-7 700mm*420mm*450mm
9 CNC TURNING MACHINE No: 09 ACE VANTAGE –   800 LM 580mm*800mm
10 CNC TURNING MACHINE No: 07 ACE SUPER JOBER -500 320mm*500mm
11 CNC TURNING MACHINE No: 08 LOKESH TL – 200 200mm*250mm
12 CNC VTL MACHINE : 14 ACE DESIGHN (VTL 40 ) 600 mm*500
13 CNC VTL MACHINE : 15 ACE DESIGHN (VTL 40 ) 600 mm*500


We at Anjana Engineering perform all types of fabrication works which includes larger assemblies, sub-assemblies, riveting, welding (ARC,TIG&MIG) and sheet metal process.

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Our manufacturing services provide assurance to clients that their people, processes, and products are as safe and efficient as possible.