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A pioneer in the machining business since 2012, Anjana Engineering This CNC machine shop is now recognised in the Defense Industry. Anjana keeps up with military tech. We can reach the finest precision. All workers, suppliers, and facility visitors must sign confidentiality agreements. They may make complex components for your device without understanding their hidden purposes.

Our CNC machine shop’s goods are trustworthy. Our CNC professionals have over thirty years of expertise. Without precise part information, we will work with your design and your personnel to manufacture components that meet your exact standards. So we guarantee the greatest degree of precision in whatever we do.

CNC Defence Components:

Anjana Engineering Industries uses CNC machining to create military components. Our advanced CNC machines make the most sensitive military components at the lowest cost.

Our CNC experts develop military-grade components. So your military-grade parts are made to order on CNC machines.

  • Artillery components
  • Fighter aircraft components
  • Missile components
  • Drone bomb components
  • Rifles and gun parts

Anjana Engineering Industries produces high-quality military components. Call us now for more information about CNC machining.